A rare frustration…..

I need to preface this by saying, I've had a bad day - we've had a string of frustrations hit us and this just takes the cake (no pun intended)To clarify - I have no concerns about Miss A's weight. She is perfect. My concern is their screwed up notion of 'overweight' and the fact... Continue Reading →

The downside of expat life

Most of my friends here are expats.  We have a nice little group here.  They've been so good to me, it's like they remember what it was like to be new and they're quick to share tips and advice.There's one in particular who was quick to befriend me (actually, I sought her out, latched on... Continue Reading →

My ‘threenager’

Sorry we've been so slack posting lately.  There's been a lot going on.  I'm busy incubating a little human being, Dave is busy buying us a house, getting it ready and moving us and Miss A is busy growing up.This week has been a big week in our household.  We settled on the new house... Continue Reading →

Dave’s Birthday

We celebrated Dave's birthday this weekend. Dave had organised an early bike ride on his actual birthday (Sunday), so Miss A and I decided to give him his gift the night before.  Earlier in the day Miss A had helped me decorate the cake (with more chocolate sprinkles going in her mouth than on the cake!).We... Continue Reading →

Thursday 27 February, 2014

Today was a lazy day. After walking Dave to the station, we came home and hung out (with a fresh croissant). Anneke slept 3 hours, I lay down too.   Busy organizing house stuff, we move in on Saturday.  Big IKEA trip tomorrow.Dinner in the city tonight. Gezellig!

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