Dave’s Birthday

We celebrated Dave’s birthday this weekend. 

Dave had organised an early bike ride on his actual birthday (Sunday), so Miss A and I decided to give him his gift the night before.  Earlier in the day Miss A had helped me decorate the cake (with more chocolate sprinkles going in her mouth than on the cake!).

We lit the candles, and sang the song:

Dave set off the next morning (with his present attached to his bike, a new powerful light that will help him on his morning and nightly commute home from work).  

Our friend rang me (her husband was out with Dave) and suggested that Miss A and I come over and welcome the boys home at the finish line with a green juice and a super dooper cute home made sign. I’m not sure her neighbours appreciated all the tooting that Miss A and her little friend were doing at 9am on a Sunday!

One more time:

We finished the day with a walk in the woods.

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