Let’s Have Some Fun

This is the card the chicks from our expat club gave me.  It’s made from actual canal water. I think it’s hilarious, it could actually have been my bakfiets in the canal after one of our many nights out. The card accompanied a super cool print of a map of Haarlem.

We’re in the winding down phase.  The house is ready for the removalists, the little niggling issues are being attended to, sold the car and bike, and we have found tenants.  There’s a few outstanding issues – like we don’t have VISA’s for AD (without a VISA, we can’t book flights, we can’t secure a house, can’t start a bank account, no phones, no car, can’t work – no biggie)

It’s super sad to be leaving.  I love it here.  Dave loves it here.  The kids love it here.  The whole idea of starting over is just not appealing.  

Anneke was chatting with me the other day and she said that whilst she was going to miss her friends, we should “just think of the next few years as a holiday.”  Except she has to go to school and Dad has to work.  

So, let’s have some fun.  There’ll be lots of new things to learn and places to see and things to do. We’re looking forward to living on the beach again, and BBQ’s outside and barefoot walks on the grass.  The kids are excited they don’t have to wear jackets, hats and scarves. 


1 week until we move out of our house, 

2 weeks until we leave NL for Australia, and 

4.5 weeks until we land in AD.

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  1. I am bumped I didnt know about the drinks on Friday.Even though we havent been lose friends, it would be nice to say a goodbye. Well at least we get to rake over your fabulous bike. Who knows, maybe you come back in 2 years demanding it back😉

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