R U Ok?

Someone today asked me if we were “doing ok”. Now, a lot of people ask how the move is going, what the kids think about it, how long we’re going for, but not many people have asked me how I’m feeling. Now, I had to think…. How am I feeling?

Essentially, we are fine. It’s super sad to say goodbye to our friends. We think we are coming back, but really, who knows. I just don’t feel like our adventure here in the Netherlands is finished.

I’m trying to squeeze in Anneke and Elsie’s birthday parties before we go – we also have to bring gifts for their classes when they leave (about 50!) and then gifts for all the teachers (5) and gifts for the classroom (ie books etc).

Then we have to de-register and cancel all our insurances etc. I can’t find a postal forwarding service (that is affordable), just so the Tax Department can find us!

We are moving out a week before we leave so we have time to clean and fix anything that needs fixing. We have just spent a small fortune fixing the heating and next week we have a builder coming to fix a few niggling issues.

We sold the car, our bike will sell quickly, and the other one got stolen last week . We’ve had a number of viewings for our house, so hopefully someone rents it out soon.

We are still waiting on Dave’s visa and when that comes through, the house will come through, we can finish school registration etc and things will move quickly. The kids are SO excited. They are looking forward to a pool, to school and the beach. It’s going to be nice weather until about June so we should have some fun.

I’m busy planning holidays in Jordan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Malaysia – I don’t know how we’ll fit life in around our vacations.

I keep bursting into tears each time I say goodbye to someone. We have so many good friends here. And I’ll miss the lifestyle.

We will be heading to Australia for a few weeks before we go to AD. Hopefully this will provide some down time. Dave and I don’t think we’re stressed, but for sure it must be taking its toll. I hope we can find some peace and relaxation whilst catching up with friends and family and a WHOLE lot of beach time.

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