A rare frustration…..

I need to preface this by saying, I’ve had a bad day – we’ve had a string of frustrations hit us and this just takes the cake (no pun intended)

To clarify – I have no concerns about Miss A’s weight. She is perfect. My concern is their screwed up notion of ‘overweight’ and the fact that they’ll discuss this in front of an almost 3 year old who’s half naked.   

I’m so cranky.  There’s not a lot that has annoyed me so much as the Consultatie Bureau.  It’s basically the same as the Baby/Child clinics that you take your children to establish that their development is on par with what’s expected.

I hate it.  The receptionist makes Miss A take all her clothes off until she’s standing in the waiting room in just her underwear.  Here, she weighs and checks her height.  She’s told not to put her clothes on, as the doctor would like to look at her too.  So, 20 minutes later, freezing cold, in we go to see the doctor.  The whole appointment is conducted in Miss A’s underwear, whilst I have my jacket on and the doctor has her cozy scarf.

Today’s examination was focused around Miss A’s fine motor skills and her eyesight.  But first, we needed to discuss Miss A’s weight.  According to the Dutch Consultatie Bureau (our GP here says the whole thing is ridiculous), Miss A is overweight.  Overweight!?  She’s unfortunately inherited her mothers body, which by the way, thinned out quite nicely in primary/high school (I have no excuse for now).

According to betterhealth.vic.au – Miss A’s BMI is 17, which is considered healthy

WHO has Miss A in the 50th-85th percentile

 So, whilst Miss A is pretty much naked, the doctor continues to talk about the serious nature of Miss A’s weight.  How humiliating.  I told her that I respectfully disagreed with her.  She asked me if I was aware of the health risks of having an overweight child.  Well, of course, I’m not a freaking ignoramus, but I’d like to inform you that in a year of living in your country my child has not attended the doctor except for a dislocated elbow (hardly weight related) and an eye infection.

There are no chippies, soft drink, lollies etc in our house (much to my disappointment sometimes late at night!).  The child has cereal for breakfast, at least 3 serves of fruit and 3 serves of vegetables a day.

Miss A goes to school 3 mornings a week, participates in Little Gym on Sundays, dancing on Wednesdays, runs faster than some of the boys in her group of friends and is on her bike most afternoons.  

Whilst I understand that obesity is a drain on health resources and a very serious condition affecting way too many people, I cannot fathom how they could consider my daughter in the same zone.  And, to discuss this in front of her – whilst she’s so vulnerable with the lack of clothing – infuriates me.  

It’s not an uncommon complaint about the Consultatie Bureau.  I have more than one friend experience a similar thing.

The doctor when on to try to discuss putting her on a diet.  That’s when I picked up my girl, put her clothes on, walked out the door, stood on the street and cried my eyes out.  

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