Interesting Bedside Manner

Early in the pregnancy (11 weeks) we had a bit of a scare.  I wasn’t sure who to call; the GP, the hospital, the midwife, the ambulance?

In the end, I rang the midwife.  It was early in the morning and I explained what was happening.  Her response was “oh, that sounds fine, I’m not worried”.  Well, bully for you sister, I was petrified.

Anyway, I had to trust someone so I went about my day.  Later that afternoon, the symptoms got worse, so I rang them again.  I was nervous, I didn’t want to be that painful expat who panicked about everything! But…. I rang anyway.  The midwife was so lovely.  After I explained what was going on, she also said it was nothing to worry about.  In true Belinda style, I burst into tears.  She said “I’m not worried, but would it make you feel better if you heard the heart beat”.  Why, yes, I replied, that would make me feel better.

Literally 10 minutes later she arrived at my door step.  She brought the doppler machine but also explained that because the baby was so small that it would be unlikely the machine would pick up the baby’s heart beat.  So I promised not to panic if she couldn’t find it.  Anyway, she couldn’t.

She said the best way to see the heart beat was an ultra sound.  Next thing you know, she’s rung the hospital and organised an appointment for an hours time.  She said that she thought I’d sleep better if I heard it tonight and not tomorrow (she was SOOOO right!).

So, off we trudged to the hospital.  They were expecting us, so we were put straight into the ultra sound room.  The doctor explained that an internal scan would be more accurate and would I mind.  I couldn’t give two hoots at this stage, just show me the baby’s heart beat.

She pointed me in the direction of the stirrups (every woman’s nightmare) and told me to strip off from the waist down and hop up onto the chair.  No problems, I said, where’s the gown.  The incredulous look on her face confirmed that there would be no gown…..

Anyway, up in the chair in my most vulnerable position I sat.  Trying to calm down, I’m sure they’ve seen it all before yada yada (as my mate said, what makes me think my hoo-ha is so special).  Apparently, it might have been.  A few minutes later the door flings WIDE open and in walks 3 student doctors.  Would I mind?  Why of course not!

The phone rings, one student doctor walks out – door flings wide open – but this time to add insult to injury, they leave the door open.  Join in everyone, it’s a party (of sorts).

Needless to say, the heart beat was fine – my pride was not.

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