Something old, something new, something borrowed…..

So, it’s official.  The baby is upside down, as was Miss A.  This means I am scheduled for a cesarean in a few weeks.  Hopefully, the baby doesn’t come early, like Miss A!

We are ready!  Earlier this year, my cousin Hans mentioned that there was a Van Raaij family crib lurking around.  He organised for it to be returned so that I could use it for my baby.  This is what it looked like.

Hans had mentioned that my Oma and Opa had used it for all of their children, that included my mother.  Then, Ome Marius had used it for his children, then Gonda & Hans had used it for their children!  That’s 3 generations.  

Yet, I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this crib.  Gonda reminded me that Ome Marius was an upholsterer by trade.  So, I sidled up to him and asked him very very sweetly, if he could help me out.  With Gonda’s choice of fabric, this is what Ome Marius dropped off 4 weeks later!

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