it's a little different here..... to begin with, there's the uniform! It's a bit full on. Anneke was in group 3 in Holland. This is the year where they really learn to read and write. It's a little behind Australia and England, but it goes so fast that by the end of Group 3 -... Continue Reading →

It’s all going…..

very slowly..... After days and days of false starts, we are in our villa. I think it's something we need to get used to. Everything just takes time. To be fair, in comparison to the stories I've heard, we have done very well. We have Dave's ID and we're in our house, all within 2... Continue Reading →

This Chapter Ends

Packing bags and feeling very sad and yet excited for the next adventure. This is the home, the city where we started to bring up our little family. While Anneke was born in Sydney, none of them really know any different than Marnixstraat in Haarlem. I sit here and the rain is pouring down and... Continue Reading →

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