A Visit to Oman

Guest writer… Anneke Clarkterstraat

Last weekend we went on an adventure to Oman. We stayed at the Alila Hotel in Jabal Al Akhdar. It was the best hotel ever!

We spent a lot of time in the kids club. We went on an adventure walk where we found lots of fossils, the site used to be a beach a very long long time ago. We had to follow the yellow butterfly paintings on the grounds. There were also lots of butterflies.

We got some beautiful henna on our hands.

We tried our hand at Archery. Asher and I were the Champions.

Alila Hotel is very high on a mountain and we had to drive up it, we drove above the clouds. On our drive I saw some goats and donkeys. In Winter, it gets very cold. I had to wear two jackets.

Alila Hotel is in Oman and they speak Arabic.

On the way home, we went to a fort in Nizwa. It was very old and very interesting. There were lots of canons.

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