It’s all going…..

very slowly…..

After days and days of false starts, we are in our villa. I think it’s something we need to get used to. Everything just takes time. To be fair, in comparison to the stories I’ve heard, we have done very well. We have Dave’s ID and we’re in our house, all within 2 weeks.

The beach, about 80 metres from our house. We saw dolphins on our first day.

It’s still challenging. Dave couldn’t drive whilst he was waiting for his ID, so he’s been catching cabs. Which in itself is a challenge. Our complex is so new, no one knows where it is (it’s in the middle of nowhere).

I’ve become a full blown housewife/mother. My day is filled with school drop offs, pick ups, gym bags, groceries, managing the workmen who are arriving every minute to fix all the niggling things that come with a new villa. It’s only when you use it, you realise it’s broken. The doors don’t lock, the A/C doesn’t work, random lights don’t work, the gas isn’t connected, the internet isn’t connected, the outdoor tap leaks. It’s all fixable, and it does get fixed, but I literally have up to 12 men running around the house at one time, and I have no idea who they are, or what they’re doing. I only know that things are getting done.

In between all of this, the kids are on holidays! So, I’m trying hard to give them some semblance of a good time. There’s theme parks and swimming pools and Maddy.

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