it’s a little different here…..

to begin with, there’s the uniform!

It’s a bit full on. Anneke was in group 3 in Holland. This is the year where they really learn to read and write. It’s a little behind Australia and England, but it goes so fast that by the end of Group 3 – they’re all caught up. However…..

We’ve moved here in the middle of the year, so Anneke isn’t really up to Year 2, the school wanted her to repeat. It’s been a bit stressful because we really want Anneke to slot back into the same group should we move back to NL or the same year as her friends, should we move to AUS.

Anyway, after 4 days the school insisted she repeat. We pushed back a little bit (always scary when you’re going against the opinion of the professionals), but considering she hadn’t written or read ANYTHING in English until a few weeks ago, we felt her progress was supersonic. The school agreed to give her another week.

So, a week goes by (including some intensive tutoring from Mum) and the head of Yr 2 agrees with us that Anneke is probably going to be okay. So she’s practically skipped a year. We are in for a big ride until Summer, but we hope she’ll head into Yr 3 after Summer.

She’s excited and it’s great as a lot of our neighbours here in our new house are in her class.

Elsie… well Elsie was a bit shocked that she has to keep going to school. After a few days she’d told me she’d had enough. She’s exhausted after school and we’ve endured our fair share of meltdowns. But, we’re hoping now we’re in our new house and she is used to it, that she might settle down. Probably not – she’s our spicy little Elsie and we love her for it.

Mothers Day bookmark
This is the security card I didn’t know I needed until I was at the gate, then had to run around to reception, get one, be ten minutes late to collect girls on their first day.

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