Christmas. It means different things to different people, and as the Clarkterstraat's we are working out what it means to us.

Ghost Town Summer

I was speaking to my sister today and realised that whilst we are used to it now, Summer vacation in Holland is slightly bizarre.  Everybody and I mean everybody has time off.  It’s not like Australian summer where, you get between Christmas and New Year and some lucky ones can have some of January off.  Some people take... Continue Reading →

A moment of reflection.

It’s been a while – we’ve been a bit busy.We are on the last night of living out of a suitcase (2 actually) for the last 8 weeks. We are currently renovating our house and have spent the past 8 weeks in 6 different houses.  Dave has seen 5 different countries in that time.The first... Continue Reading →

3 kids in 4 years…. The Aftermath

I have just emerged from a fog.  This fog set in just after Christmas.  It began with a crap January.  I was 6 months pregnant and faced an unexpected challenge.  It had lingering effects.  I lost friends, tested others allegiances and basically sucked.Miss E was only 10 months and she’d lost her ‘baby of the... Continue Reading →

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