Christmas. It means different things to different people, and as the Clarkterstraat’s we are working out what it means to us.

It’s so much fun starting our own traditions. It begins with minimal gifts (MINIMAL!!). Our kids opened one gift last year and the rest sat under the tree until we pulled the tree down. We ended up giving them to the kids for their birthdays.

It includes music. Our house always has music going, whether it’s Mum’s relaxing, chilled playlist or Dad’s hardcore, prog rock or the kids K3, Kinderen voor Kinderen, Bieber etc going. The kids are always dancing. Dave has found a Christmas playlist that satisfies us all.

This year we decided to get away the weekend before Christmas. We’ve gone to our old favourite, Hof Van Saksen. It’s an upmarket bungalow park with super nice (and clean) pools, indoor/outdoor play centres, walks, restaurants and craft activities. To watch our 3 together is such a joy. They are an awesome team and they stick together the entire time. They are now at an age, where they can do everything together, the playground activities, the water slides and crafting.

Christmas Day involves a walk. It doesn’t matter the weather; hot, cold, rainy or snow – the Clarkterstraat’s will get out.

Last but not least, we hope to teach our kids that Christmas is about family. No matter where we are in the world, Christmas Day allows us to remember those who are no longer with us, those on the other side of the world who are still close to us, and our immediate, precious family.

I am just loving starting our own traditions. Let’s see where 2019 takes us. Love to you all xx

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