See Ya Later Sydney….

What an awesome, busy week of catching up with friends and family.  There was lots of chatting, loads of walking and quite a bit of reminiscing.

I have learned that long time friendships don’t change and in my case, many have grown stronger as the years go by.  It doesn’t seem to matter how often I see these people, it always feels like yesterday I saw them last.

One of my mates said “I hope everyone is lucky enough to have at least one friendship likes ours in their life” – I hope so too!

Most of my friends have visited us in Holland, some more than one and almost all of our family have done the same.

I was so touched that people made such an effort to see me, either at the crack of dawn before work, after a hectic day at work and some even took time off!

So, a million thanks Sydney and to my wonderful posse of friends and family.  I miss you always, but rest safe in the knowledge, you’re only a call away.

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