Ghost Town Summer

I was speaking to my sister today and realised that whilst we are used to it now, Summer vacation in Holland is slightly bizarre.  Everybody and I mean everybody has time off.  It’s not like Australian summer where, you get between Christmas and New Year and some lucky ones can have some of January off.  Some people take two or three trips.
Haarlem is a ghost town.  Shops and cafes close for the summer.

One girlfriend is ‘camping’ (that’s a whole other blog) about half an hour from Haarlem for 2 weeks.  They’ll ride their bikes up there so they are able to do some exploring. 
Another is camping about an hour away and then comes back for one day and heads off to Greece.
Neighbours are driving to Italy for 3 weeks – a week in 3 different locations.
Us, well, we’re a bit broke.  You have to book very early to get good accommodation etc.  We are going to Dublin, a city neither of us have been, and visiting a friend there.  There’s parks and museums and a brewery or two to keep the man happy. 
Then, Dave managed to wing a small Airbnb (and I mean SMALL) on Lake Como in Italy – one of my bucket list locations, so we’ll take 2 days to get there and stay there a week.
We have vowed to book our next Summer holiday EARLY.

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