It’s the time of year again, when all the Sydney-siders start posting pics of summery days on the beach, bbq’s, kids running around in the backyard barefoot and jacaranda trees.
The sun here isn’t rising until well after 8 and setting around 5.  It’s pretty much the bleakest time of the year, only saved (somewhat) by the Sinterklaas celebrations and Christmas markets.
I felt like it was time to have the chat with Dave, maybe this was the feeling people told me about when they said ‘you’ll know when it’s time to go home’.  Then….
+ Dave managed a half day on a student free day, taking the girls to a museum and out for lunch.
+ I applied for a full time job in a Dutch office in town (5 minute cycle away), told them my Dutch was crap and I’d prefer to work 24 hours, still got an interview, got the job and negotiated down to 22 hours and 20 face to face, allowing me to drop and pick up the kids from school.
+ I took the eldest to the ballet in Haarlem (again, 5 minutes away) walked away with a program that has something every week for each of the kids to attend
+ I had sushi last night with a mate who then sent me a message thanking me for coming into her life (really!? she saves me every day with translations and the delicate Dutch etiquette)
+ We had a birthday party for A’s mate of which she was the only girl, the party consisted off running around outside a lot and good old fashioned sack races
+ oh and yeah, we managed 5 days without the kids to go to New York, no biggie…
I sent a message to a mate telling her if I saw one more jacaranda post, I’m coming home.  Her response……
{Now that our family house is sold}.. it’s both feet in to the hell hole that is renting on the northern beaches. Ugh. Hideous. My OCD can’t deal with any of it. 
If ALL {my} bloody work wasn’t in Sydney, I’d move somewhere else in a heartbeat. Yep, it’s beautiful but it’s clogged, full of construction, and over- priced.
Thanks for keeping it real Mrs H.
The weather is super hard to deal with, I cannot tell you what a toll it takes on me personally, but when you weigh it up…..
* the Dutch use the word ‘leuk’ (nice) to describe a million different things, but they have a gazillion words for ‘crap’ weather.

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