Hero post. Belinda.

So here we are at the tail end of 2020. We are back in NL and ClarkterstraatNL is almost back to where we were, in a new and improved and transformed sort of way. We are due an update to the blog to fill you in, but in the meantime, we need a hero post. ... Continue Reading →

This Chapter Ends

Packing bags and feeling very sad and yet excited for the next adventure. This is the home, the city where we started to bring up our little family. While Anneke was born in Sydney, none of them really know any different than Marnixstraat in Haarlem. I sit here and the rain is pouring down and... Continue Reading →


I've spent the past two years longing for the future: It will be better when - Mr A can walk; - Miss E can talk; - Mr A is at daycare; - Miss E is at preschool; - The renovations are finished; - We move back into our own house; - It's Summer.... And guess... Continue Reading →

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