Hero post. Belinda.

So here we are at the tail end of 2020. We are back in NL and ClarkterstraatNL is almost back to where we were, in a new and improved and transformed sort of way. We are due an update to the blog to fill you in, but in the meantime, we need a hero post. 

Belinda, if you let her, will tell you that I have dragged her all over the world and that she is just sick of the idea of me finding that next challenge or adventure. Hey, it is 2020, who could blame her. 

What she doesn’t say is that she is just as much the driving force in our gang as I am. Our Middle East adventure was pretty good. We lived in a great spot and had some fantastic people that we will be in contact with forever. When the job came to an end, it was expected but was probably a few months ealier than we had hoped. It was not what we wanted at this time. 
From here it is Belinda. If it was up to me, I think I would have just sat still for a while, came up with a grand plan and then moved. Not Belinda. Staring down the barrel of problematic world travel during a pandemic and the idea of going ‘home’ she pushed for us to jump forward; now, now, now.

So the short version is we packed up in Abu Dhabi and left in 5 weeks. We went to Sydney and quarantined for 14 days without actually knowing how any of that would pan out. We did some family and friend catch up, and then we managed to get ‘back home’ to The Netherlands. The kids got back into school for the first time in over seven months. The whole schooling thing and was all negotiated in Dutch by Belinda. 

In 3 months we travelled the globe. We are but a few weeks from getting back into our house. Work is starting to come in, and there is so much opportunity in front of us. Sure I did some hustle, but without Belinda, we might still be sitting in Abu Dhabi wondering what next. 

She is a force to be reckoned with. She is the lady, that if you have her on your side, you can conquer the world. If you oppose her and or get on the wrong side of her family, well lookout. 

I am blessed to have her and its been now 11 years. She will tell you stories; it is the way of her family. But if you ever hear that I was the one pulling or pushing this family to the next stage, it is only a half-truth. This lady here knows how to get things done and does it all with class and style all at the same time. Thanks Belinda. What a ride.  

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