What’s the worst that can happen?

In  all  my  years  of  travelling,  whenever  I  was  worried,  my  mother   would  say  to  me, “What’s  the  worst  that  can  happen?  If it  doesn’t  work  out , you  can always  come  home. ” 

I never imagined that there would be a time when we could not return to Australia.

The Government has capped the amount of passengers arriving into Australia.  Currently, in NSW it is 350 per day, 30 per flight.

This means there is a very real possibility that we will be bumped off our flights.  If this happens, we are homeless.  Our lease here is up, our belongings in storage, we have no visa and our car has been returned.

The rhetoric of some of the Australian public, including SCOMO himself is that we had ‘plenty of time to come home’.  This is not always the case.

Dave’s contract ended unexpectedly 4 weeks ago.  We could not have anticipated this.  There was no reason to come home earlier.  We were employed here, the kids were at school, we were safe.

It is 6 days until our flight.  We will not know if we are on the flight of bumped off the flight until we are on the plane.  There are stories of people arriving at check in, being bumped off.  There are plenty of stories, but I’m just here to tell you ours.

** Australia will review these caps at the end of this week, with talk of tightening or even closing the border.

1979, Belinda en Martin
Rolling in the Dutch Hills aged 3

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  1. Sounds horribly unsettling. Being caught in neverland. I used to say the same thing to my daughter when she was growing up and started travelling etc “What’s the worst that can happen? If it doesn’t work out, you can always come home”. And then I left home 😃 LOL I went to Ireland on holiday and never went home. A little more complicated than that, but I literally lived in my own home again after that trip for about 3 weeks…enough time to get my ancestral visa, sell my house, and put my belongings in storage. That was 19 years ago and I haven’t really had a home since then. Wish you all the best over this coming period, hope it all works out well…difficult, especially with children to consider.


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