Het is mijn verjaardag

2016-10-12 16.22.41

Birthdays are quite a big deal here.  The Dutch love a celebration, I think it’s the excuse to drink, eat, socialise and decorate your house.  They love a good decoration (birthdays/births/Kings Day/Graduation Day …)

We’ve acclimatised quite nicely.  The kids love it!  This year, we outdid ourselves for Dave’s (this is what it feels like to be out of the fog).  It was such a lovely day.

Dave came home and the kids had eaten so all that was left to do was sing HB (Elsie was in fine voice, never mind she doesn’t know the words) and dole out the gifts (of which we spent the following morning exchanging).

The family celebration over, Dave and I went to one of the swanky restaurants in town.  Ate too much, drank too much – perfect end to a great day.

Happy Birthday Dave


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