A Love Affair

So, Dave’s already told you about how much he loves his bike and how much he’s enjoying riding to work (here: Commuting Via Bike Blog and here: Biking and Getting Colder)

I thought I would share my little love affair with you too.  You see, I’m in love.  Yes, I’ll shout it from the rooftops.  I am unashamedly in love, and it’s not with my husband. It’s with my bakfiets!  I love this machine. It takes me everywhere I need to go.  It keeps the kidlet dry.  It fits loads of groceries in it. But it’s best asset is…… its battery!

OMG! If I could marry this thing, I would.  It took me to the beach the other day (over 25kms) in the howling wind, at 20 weeks pregnant, with a kid in the bucket and I didn’t work up a sweat. 

Nothing is too hard with this machine.  Considering an average day sees me riding around 15kms, this has been the best investment we have made.

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