Visit to the Baby Doctor

As I had to have an emergency c-section with Miss A, the midwives have referred me on to a gynecologist for the rest of the pregnancy.

I was nervous, but she was lovely.  

She told me that the decision as to whether to deliver naturally or opt for another c-section was up to me (assuming of course, the baby is playing by the rules).

Just before leaving, she asked if she could have a look at my scar – I lay down and she started to examine me.  She couldn’t find the scar until I pointed it out.  “My” she says “That’s a super neat job there, I could hardly find it”.  In her excitement she calls over her colleagues “Have a look at this scar, it’s just BEAUTIFUL”. 

Oh my goodness!  She was so impressed.  It kind of scared me .. how could they be so impressed by what I considered a normal scar – was it that great?  What were their plans?  Do they perform their c-sections with butter knives?  I’m re-thinking the whole thing now……

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