Biking and getting colder

So I started biking to work in September. The plan was to use my commute time to try and get my fitness level back up before the winter kicked in and it got too cold. 

I have been lucky the weather has been pretty good to me and not only has the temperature stayed at a reasonable level (average 9-10 degrees) but it has also been quite dry. I had a friend text me last Friday warning me that the frost had finally arrived and that it was zero in certain areas between Haarlem and Hoofdoorp/Schipol. The warning was more about slipping on ice but there was also the undertone of ‘rug up it is getting cold out’. I had the day off from work so avoided the ride but had the weekend to think about whether I was prepared for the cold weather or was this the end of my bike run for the next month or so. 

It was zero but it was beautiful outside

Well as it turned out I jumped on the bike Monday and it was not too bad at around 4-5 degrees. This morning however we got down to 0 degrees. Luckily the sun was shining so it was at least encouraging to be out in the cool air. To be honest once I was about 5 minutes into my run (well bike) I was pretty warm so the cold didn’t really bother me. The morning was again beautful with some light fog across the open farm land and the sun coming up over the top of it. So even with the cold it was a really spectacular day. 

Temperature warmed up by the time I got to work

If I continue to bike this week I should clock up 1000km since jumping on the bike. I think that as long as I can bare the cold I could maybe clock up another 400km before Christmas. Quite remarkably though; I was an absolute baby during winter in Sydney when we got down to 10-12 degrees. Now I can ride my bike at Zero. I am either a lot tougher than I was or I have lost my mind……..

View from the bike path looking across to Schipol airport

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