Autumn Antics

On Saturday, Holland had the warmest November day on record.  We have really been spoilt so far.  We took adventure of the beautiful weather on the weekend and went exploring the dunes near our house.  What a great afternoon. 

Click to see our Autumn Antics in the Dunes

On Sunday, Dave went for an early ride with his friends, had a crazy encounter with a few deer (he’ll blog about that one later) and I went to Moms in Balance – a lightweight boot camp for pregnant chicks.  There’s more talking than exercising, but it’s a great way to force me to get outdoors and I really enjoy practicing my Dutch (though the recipients eyes generally glaze over, I fear I probably lose them right at the start and they’re too polite to interrupt).

It’s hard to not want to get outside when outside looks like this!

The afternoon was spent at a Halloween Party for little people, organised by our expat group.  It was such fun!  Miss A eagerly dressed up as a princess, complete with the earrings and attitude.  She won ‘best dressed 2 year old’.  Bless her.  She then spent the afternoon in the dirt making mud pies.  We are very lucky to have this group, we do lots of fun activities with them and we’ve made lots of friends through them.

Princess A – pretty proud of herself

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