A Very Long Week

It’s been a long week in the Clarkterstraat household.  Our normally super healthy little family has been decimated by the dreaded flu (decimated! Maybe a little dramatic).

Dave had to go to London on Monday for a meeting.  Oh, how I love that he leaves home at 6am and is home to put the kidlet to bed.  I also love that he comes home with a precious haul of trashy magazines for me and activity books for the kid.

The rain set in on Monday and the forecast was that it would stay for the entire week.

Monday night Dave had a huge headache.  It kept him up most of the night.  I insisted he stay on home Tuesday.  I can’t remember the last time Dave took a day off work. 

Wednesday I woke up with a cold.  Dave had to go to work, but luckily the kid was at preschool from 830-1200.  I went home and tried to rest.  Normally I bounce back pretty quickly but I had to call Dave and ask him to come home early.  Thursday was surprisingly worse!  Again, the kid was at school and Dave kindly dropped her off.

I woke up on Friday to the loveliest message ever from a girlfriend offering to take the kid on a play date for the morning.  It’s hard to accept help but I had to, Dave couldn’t take a day off and the kid was bored staying at home with me.  I was so touched, I shed a tear (I’m a little hormonal at the moment, coupled with the child inside sucking the life out of me, I’m quick to tears!)  And… she did even picked up some groceries for me!

Miss A and her mate being creative

 Sometimes I feel that we miss out on a lot because our family isn’t nearby (Nana & Poppy and my family are so good at babysitting etc)  but it was nice to know that we’ve got friends here that we can count on.

It’s Saturday now, the sun is shining (right at this second) and we’re now all feeling fit and ready to have some adventures.

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