Dancing Queen

Miss A is mad for a bit of dancing.  We can be in a store and she bops away to the music in the background.  She dances at the dinner table, she shimmy’s in the back seat of the car and sometimes I catch her just marching around the backyard!

Click here to see Miss A bust a move at dinner 

I’m not sure where she got it from.  Those of you that know me, know that I’m super shy and do anything to avoid attracting attention.  Dave is a drummer, that would explain her rythym and I have always loved ‘music’ (in inverted commas, because Dave would argue that what I listen to isn’t really music – I’m not sure what he’s got against WHAM, Culture Club, Uncanny X-men etc)!

She’s got herself a little tutu (well, maybe I bought it for her).  We often have music on in the house, and when Miss A’s in the mood for a dance, she bolts upstairs for her dancing dress.  She apparently, cannot dance without it.

Her favourite is to use Dave’s ginormous television as a mirror.  An hour can pass and she’s watching herself practice her moves.  If it’s not the tv, it’s the windows in the backyard.  Again, she practices her hip wiggle until she gets it perfect.

So, to indulge her I have enrolled her in dance class.  We have tried a few different classes, but they’re all a bit serious.  At Miss A’s age, she really just wants to run around, jump up and down, twirl and watch herself in a massive mirror.  We have found a wonderful dance class. 

It’s part of a children’s theatre company, so there’s more than just dancing.  When you arrive, you can choose a costume from the racks outside.  Last week, we had the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Firemen and a billion Princesses (A included).  They each get a sticker to put on the floor, which is there ‘go to’ point.  Miss A takes it very seriously.

I love watching her, and I’m not afraid to admit, I get a bit teary.  She so loves it and I am so sorry that her Aunts, Cousins and Grandparents aren’t here to see it.  It’s just adorable.  So, for those of you who would normally be suckered into a ballet concert (and I’ve been to my fair share… why do they always put your niece in the first act – then the last (1 1/2 hours later)!) here is Miss A’s lesson from last week.

Click here for “Dance Class 11 Sept 2014”

Look closely at the ballet slippers, 2 sizes too big.  And Miss A front and centre in front of the teacher!

** Warning…. I can feel quite a few videos of dans les coming up…. Just skip if you want.

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