Bike Tour Berlin

So we had a weekend in Berlin and this is a city very rich in history. Belinda had been to Berlin before but Miss A and I hadn’t and we need to take in as much as possibly in a short space of time. As we have adopted the Dutch lifestyle a bike tour seemed the most appropriate and easiest way to get around.

We booked a Fat Tire bike tour which took in a great overview of the city and how it evolved from the Prussian era right through to Nazi Germany and then to the East and West Germany separation.

Miss A and I at Checkpoint Charlie during a bike ride break

Ultimately we got out of the tour exactly what we had hoped. It was a great day. Belinda and I rode bikes of course while we packed Miss A into her very own chariot. With a 2 year old this could have gone 1 of two ways of course. She could love it or hate it. Fortunately she loved it and that was great as it could have been very painful dragging her around the city on a 30 degree plus if she hated. She actually was so comfortable that at one stage she went to sleep in the chariot just before we stopped for lunch.

Your Chariot awaits Miss A

Stretch mid-tour

With a 31 degree day we needed some shade and a beer garden.

If you have never been to Berlin before I highly recommend the bike tour. The guides are knowledgeable and enjoy what they do. If you are on your own I would also imagine it would be a good way to meet others who are travelling as well.

It gave me a great view of the city and encouraged me to read a lot more on the history and try and comprehend how East and West Berlin could have existed.

On yer bike. 

Old East Berlin

Finally the end of our tour. 

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