Happy Haarlem Homecoming

It’s no secret that I was super sad to leave sunny Portugal.  Currently, Holland is experiencing it wettest August in years.

However, today was a just what the doctor ordered.  This morning Dave took Miss A to Little Gym and I was left to relax with a book at the café.  I arrived at the café to be greeted with a little friend of Miss A’s and his father.  How lovely to just ‘bump’ into friends.  They left and I settled down with a book….. But not for long, in came another friend.  She’d seen me in the window.  I told her Dave and Miss A were going to join us, so she called her husband and he came down with Miss A’s little girlfriend.  We were soon joined by another friend.

Dave and Miss A left, and the girls and I went shopping sans children.  How glorious.

Tonight we popped down to the local park where they were holding a Food Truck Festival.  There again, we bumped into friends.  Our quick trip out for a meal turned into a little party.  Miss A joined by some of her closest friends.  Off they went, dancing, running, chasing and jumping.

What a great feeling to be part of such a community.  The expat community here have been so welcoming and so inclusive.  We are so grateful for that.  Thanks everyone.

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