New Arrivals

Miss A is crazy about dogs, and cats, and rabbits, and guinea pigs.  Not a day goes by when she doesn’t ask for one or all as a pet(s).  She talks about Noxie Dawg often and whilst she’s glad he’s found a new home, she still calls him ‘my dog’.

We have a cat lady living a few doors up (she may or may not be crazy) and I spend my time trying to pry A away from her house.  One of the cats visits us – and it doesn’t bother me, it just walks along the top of the fence and no matter how many times we’ve seen it do that, Miss A still goes mental.

We are unable to get a dog at the moment and there is no way EVER we are getting a cat so we bought the next best thing (?)…. FISH

She was allowed to choose the colour of the rocks:

Dad chose the names:

 Together they set up the tank:

Click here to see Dave & Miss A set up the tank

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