The business end

The reason for the move to NL was to go back to work for a technology company I had worked for in Sydney before.

The head office is based in Hoofdoorp which is just outside of Amsterdam. Hoofddorp compares a little to North Ryde in Sydney. It is an up and coming business area with a number of Multi National organisations and tech companies using it as a base. It is also very close Schipol airport.

The office is a great building and has quite a different architecture. It sits right on a canal and next to this is an open paddock. In the last few weeks there have been sheep running around just outside the office with new lambs. The are a number of wings to the building and there is a huge atrium through the middle.

The office

The view from the office and outside seating at the Irdeto cafeteria

My daily commute consists of a quick bike ride from home to Haarlem station and then I jump on the 300 bus which heads directly to Hoofddorp station. The station is right outside the office. The 300 bus is great. It runs from Haarlem to Hoofdoorp, Schipol airport and Amsterdam and back. It runs about every 6 minutes so there is almost always a bus ready to go. The bus commute from the Haarlem to the office is just over 30 minutes so it is pretty good. 

Bus lanes and bike lanes in Hoofdoorp.

It is still early days but I am enjoying the routine of my new office life. Currently my biggest customer is just down the road so there hasn’t been the need for a lot of international travel. A trip to London and a failed trip to London due to fog is all. It is also very easy to get to and from the airport so that does make it great when I do need to fly.

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