We invited a few people around to Clarkterstraat Stadium to watch the WC game between Australia and The Netherlands.   
 I got into the spirit, green and gold balloons on the door, Australian flags for your cabanossi and cheese, a special Clarkterstraat limited edition of Heineken.

We had a great time.  There was a nervous moment when Australia led for….. 0.25 seconds!  I have a feeling it means more to them than to me.

A friend brought us a taste of home

It would’ve been great to win, but I think we put up a great fight and I’m happy with how we performed.

Our guests were super gracious with their win.

The whole affair has made me think about allegiances.  I find it interesting that first and/or second generation Australian’s would barrack against their team for the sake of heritage.  When Australia plays Holland, it’s Australia all the way for me.  When Holland plays any one else, it’s Holland for sure.

I remember in the 2006 WC seeing Leichhardt full of first/second/third generation Australians wearing their Italian jersey whilst Italy played against Australia for a spot in the quarters. 

During the NL V Australia game my news feed on Facebook was full of friends (whose parents or grandparents) are Dutch, cheering for the Netherlands against Australia.

Can anyone help me understand?

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