My Hero

I’m not one for gushy-ness, but it would remiss of me not to write a post acknowledging that a lot of our sensational  experiences should be credited to my hardworking husband.

It is he that seeks out the flights, the accommodation and works his guts out to pay for it.  He also backs up by waking up at 6am every morning for our middle kid. Add to that, I don’t think there’s been a night he hasn’t got up with the baby or at least got up to see if I’m okay with the baby.

He’s there to take the eldest to school and home most nights to bathe and put all of them to bed.

He’s a remarkably hands on father, a fabulous husband and an all round top bloke.

Thanks Dave for the best holiday we’ve had (so far). We love you xxx

p.s. There’s not many photos of Dave and the little man, mostly because I won’t let go of him long enough for Dad to get a cuddle.  Clearly, the little man loves a Daddy snuggle though

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