Family holiday in NL and a ‘f*#*%ite’ -child?

So I started putting together a little video of our recent family holiday in Drenthe in the north east in NL. 

It was a holiday of firsts really. It was our first driving holiday (excluding weekends away). Our first Holiday as a family of 5.  First holiday Dutch Camping style (a holiday we swore we’d never take – blog to follow) . Mister AAC first holiday etc etc. 

Then I realised that really all that I seemed to capture on my holiday snaps was Miss E. I actually have no idea why that is other than she is just at an age where she has become such a character. Surely we don’t have a ‘f*#*%ite’ child? Isn’t it totally inappropriate to have a favourite? Even if the favourite changes regularly?

I am pretty sure if you compared the first 15 months of each of our children’s lives in photos, you would see Miss A has 100 000 photos to every 1 of Miss E and already probably 1 000 000 photos for every 1 photo of Mister AAC. I just always thought it would happen as the novelty of being a parent simply wears off. But Miss E is having none of that. She neither craves attention or seeks it. That being said she screams like a banshee whenever she needs or wants something purely out of frustration that she can’t actually speak yet. But other than that she is just plain, and sometimes too cool for school, Miss E. 

Anyway have a look at some of our antics on Holiday and of course the star of the show for the moment Miss E. 

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