On the Up and Up…

Things are really looking up here, we have had a fabulous couple of days.

It started with the sun shining and the temperature SOARING to 20 degrees – BOOYA!

I received a text from our adorable neighbour saying that maybe today Miss A would like to come over to their house for an hour or so.  Suited me! I am so fat and uncomfortable and Dave was happy to have her out of his hair whilst he attended to some chores.

Off she went, at about 10am, she brought her scooter.  Around 5pm, I sent Dave over to collect her!  She had had a wonderful time, every now and then we saw the kids scoot past our window.

She came home sweaty and gloriously tired.

The next day after school, the same neighbour walked past after school and collected Miss A on her way.  At 5pm, there was a little rat-a-tat-tat at the door and the little boy asked me nicely if Miss A could stay for dinner.  At 6pm I meandered over to collect her. 

Apparently they hadn’t finished their playdate yet.  Out they went on their scooters for another ‘rondje’ (ride around the block, the other great thing about our house.  There are no driveways, so I can safely send Miss A around the block on her bike unsupervised).  Well, each rondje brought more children and by the time it was 630pm there were a dozen children scooting, skating and riding around the block.

She’s exhausted now. But it doesn’t end here….. Today when I collected her from school, Miss A informed me that she had been invited to an ‘afspraakje’ with Ziggy (who, by the way does not play guitar).  Bless!  Off she runs with Ziggy and her aupair for a playdate.  I grab the aupairs number and text her for the address.  

I cycle home with no Miss A.  I wasn’t disapointed.  Add to this, our wonderful godsend of an aupair Miss M – fetched Miss A at the designated time (she even took Miss E along for the ride).  

Last but not least, Miss A was given a ‘Vriendenboek’ to fill in (a friendship book).  So she’s now officially part of the class.  She was given a book of her own, so I’ll send her to school with that tomorrow.  I’m so proud that she’s making friends.

We are so lucky to be part of such an amazing community here.  When someone offers to give you a hand, they really mean it.  

I cannot wait until this baby is born and I can share a glass of sav blanc with the neighbours out on the front path.  Summer is going to be ace!

(I am dreading repaying these favours, after the baby is born!)

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