Never a Family to Do Anything By Halves……

Let me set the scene.

It was a gorgeous summer evening, we were sitting in the backyard with Uncle C and Aunty E sharing a bottle (let’s not lie, a few bottles) of wine.  The children were sleeping, miraculously at the same time, the stars were aligned.

Dave and I congratulated ourselves on being awesome parents.  We were so awesome, in fact, we should absolutely have more.  (Okay, we’d had more than a few bottles of wine).

Fast forward 3 months and I just couldn’t shake this stomach flu.  After a particularly busy morning, I fell on to the couch and pleaded with Dave to stay home from work.  There was no way I could even make it up the stairs to collect Miss E.  On a whim, I picked up a pregnancy test.  We both laughed…. I was still breastfeeding and we couldn’t even remember if we had even found time for some special cuddles since Miss E’s birth.

Anyway……..I’ll let Miss E and Miss A tell you the rest….. 

*Spoiler alert…. Gender is revealed.

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