What did you do this weekend?

We made a decision to stay home over this long weekend.  It would be the first weekend we’d had at home, without anything to do, since the end of March.  And we made the most of it.  It was a joyfully dull weekend.

  • I stayed up and watched the entire Eurovision telecast.
  • Dave managed a 40km bike ride
  • I accoplished my goal of an 8k run
  • Miss E got her mojo back and started sleeping through the night again
  • We got our gardening gloves out and gave the garden a  makeover.  It feels a lot more like our home now.

I locked myself out of the house and our delightful neighbour hosted me (and the kids) for the hour it took for the locksmith to turn up. I went home, Miss A stayed with the neighbour and her kids until dinner time!  It’s so nice.  The girls play out the front on the pavement.  There’s no driveways, so they can ride their balance bikes up and down to the hearts content and either the neighbour or I will sit out the front and keep an eye on them.

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