If you’d told me…

If you told me a few weeks ago, that Dave and I would be sitting downstairs with a glass of wine, watching tv at 7pm with both kids asleep – I would have laughed in your face (or maybe even punched you in your face).  But, here we are.

If you told me a few weeks ago, that Miss E would be sleeping through the night for 4 nights in a row, I’d have said “GET.OUT.OF.HERE”.  But, here we are.

We have just come off the back of a wonderful weekend.  Wonderful,  in the sense that it was a tad boring.  There were no guests, no special outings, no chores.

Dave was kind enough to take both the kids to the beach on Saturday morning, allowing me a sleep in and some time to go shopping (I think he regrets the kind gesture).  The weather was glorious and he was joined by one of our mates and his 2 boys and baby.

Those specks in the distance are the children, the dads are relaxing with their coffee, I am not complaining, I was probably still asleep – or at least having coffee alone, by myself, sans children.

I came home from my expedition to 1 child in bed and the other playing happily outside in her sandbox.  We then sat outside in the sun and pottered around, doing the kind of chores that we had been putting off (weeding the garden, painting the fish pond cover etc).  It was delightful.

Saturday night Dave took Miss A to the fun fair that has once again set up at the end of our street as part of the Konings Day celebrations (read more about Konings Dag from last year by clicking here.).

The other thing that made my day, was standing in the street, chatting to my sister for half an hour.  About anything important? No.  About anything meaningful? No.  But, since she had just visited us, she could visualise where I was, I could continue my stories as she already knew the characters in them.  Small things…..

Today was another wonderfully dull day.  We hung around the house preparing for our upcoming trip to Portugal and then had sushi in town.  Now, to top off a great weekend, we are sitting in front of the tv, catching up on Vikings.  We have not watched a whole program in over 10 weeks.  This is such a treat.

We should go to bed early, but time together kicking back on the couch is also to be treasured.

** Please forgive mistakes, my laptop screen is busted and Dave’s laptop is having issues with some keys – namely the ‘a’ and the ‘delete’ – it’s been a challenging blog to write.

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