Busy times….

Well, it’s been a while since we updated you.  It’s been pretty busy.  As always, everything just takes twice as long, with a newborn baby.

We’ve had my sister and my niece with us for a few weeks (a blog to come) and at the moment we have Dave’s folks in Haarlem with us for a few days. 

It’s been an achievement just to get her for my MIL.  The furthest she’s flown has been to Fiji and that was when Dave was a baby.  Until November last year, I don’t think she had stepped foot on an international flight.  We’re super impressed and touched with her effort to get here.

It’s awesome to have them here.  I know Dave particularly is stoked.  It’s great also for Miss A to see her Nanny and Poppy.  She misses them.  We’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved and it’s been a challenge to try and squeeze everything in without exhausting everyone as well as leave enough time for just some hanging out and chatting (and a manicure).

They are taking advantage of being in Europe and will now head off for a few other cities.  They’ll be back for a week with us in Portugal.

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