Aunty Gerita – A Blog that’s better late than never…..

We recently had the pleasure of having my sister visit us in the Netherlands.  She opted to stay with my Aunt and Uncle, as they live closer to the rest of our family (well, that’s what she told me anyway).

It was great.  Anneke loved every minute of it.  It was fun to show Gerita where and how we live.  We were able to be tourists in our own city.  We visited the Corrie Ten Boom house and also took a canal tour around Haarlem.

Whilst Gerita was here, she celebrated her 60th birthday.  We tried to organise a surprise party but Gerita was too cunning and organised her own party.  It was great fun.  A lot family turned out.


We miss her already, but she’s threatened promised to come back next year. 

Click here for a video of Aunty Gerita in Holland

Gerita in Holland (circa 1975) with our Oma

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