The G Tank

So we thought that while living in Europe we should at the very least own a European Car while we are here.

So the criteria was a wagon, not too big, reliable, petrol (as taxes are high on diesel), reasonably fuel efficient and generally nice. Then it had to have iPod connector (AUX), Bluetooth, Navigation, look great and be great to drive on the highway. Oh and it had to be reasonably cheap as we didn’t want to spend loads on a car that we don’t use often. In the end it seemed like a tall order but we managed to only compromise on it not being small.

We are now the proud owners of the G Tank. It is a Mercedes C180 Kompressor station wagon and so far love it. It was owned by a nice old man who could no longer get into it as it was a little too low.

The G Tank

It was a big jump up from the little share car (Greenwheels) we had been using since we arrived in Holland. Albeit it is a 10 year old car but as our primary mode of transport is bike, and bus for me to work, it is going to do the job and hopefully look good while doing that job.

Miss A showing off her new car to Ome Marius

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