Miss A’s First School Excursion

The preschool where Miss A goes, organised an excursion to the local park.  Though the park is right near our house, the teacher said they’d be traveling from the school in a ‘buggy’, so it might be nice (if not super inconvenient) for me to take Miss A to school so she could travel with her friends.

I have seen these sorts of things before, they are used to transport lots of kids from school to after school care etc.  I assumed this is what the teacher meant……

But no, this is what the techer meant…..

So, after waving good bye I rode BACK to our house to meet them at the park.  As Miss A came off the buggy, she was in good form, singing at the top of her voice “Helikopter, Helikopter” – the song is much longer but that’s all she knows.

It was great to see Miss A with her friends.  I guess all parents worry that their children are not fitting in or not making friends.  I know that I panic that as Miss A doesn’t speak Dutch that she or her friends might get frustrated when tryign to communicate and that would lead to her being excluded.

Apparently not the case.  


Of course, at the end of the excursion, Miss A insisted on taking the buggy back to school.  So off I went, BACK to school to collect her.  Apparently, I can’t compete with a horse (or two) .

All in all a wonderful day. 

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