Everyday Bliss

What a busy week!  Miss A has had her first full days at preschool.  She is shattered (in a good way).  I drop her off at 830, go have coffee with friends then go about my day until I collect her at 1500.  She loves it.  She asks me every night “I’m going to preschool and playing with Gerda, Sophie and all my friends?”

Anyway, after my wee pity party, we haven’t stopped.  I’m so grateful for the playgroup mothers.  I am so grateful I did my research and put on a brave face for that first meeting.  They have proven to be worth their weight in gold. 

Dave has to give his presentation today to his company’s sales conference.  It’s a big deal for him.  I’m so proud of him, but hope he’s left enough time to shop for those he’s abandoned this week… *wink wink*

Here’s some gratuitous photos of Miss A on her way to take out the bins tonight.

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