Kongingsdag 2014

Great day – even Dave got caught up in the spirit and donned the lei :

We spent the morning wandering around town.  It’s tradition for the Dutch to sell their second hand wares on Kings Day.  Some people camp overnight to secure the best spot!  Selling starts around 6am (NB. the Clarkterstraats did NOT start their day at 6am)  We didn’t find anything, but then again we spend our days trying to get rid of our own junk, I didn’t want to pay for someone elses!

We met up with some friends at the Kermis at the end of our street.  Anneke and Dave went on a few rides (Anneke enjoyed one) and I ate donuts.

There was lots of orange, lots of music and lots of smiling faces.

After a picnic lunch (bradworst broodje – mmmm), it was home for a nap (for everyone – the night before Kings Day is also a big party, mummy may have partied a bit too hard).

We finished off with a bit of dancing in town (there were 4 stages to choose from) and a drink with a bit of people watching. 

Happy Birthday Willem-Alexander, we enjoyed your party.

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