Koningsdag (Kings Day, formerly known as Queen’s Day)

26 April – Koningsdag 2014 promises to be a huuuuuge day.  The Dutch are mad for the royal family (and a bit of orange).

At the end of our (fairly residential) street, they have set up a massive Kermis (fair).  The streets have been taken over by the trailers that house the ‘carnies’.  We knew they were setting up a fair, but this is comparable to Luna Park!

It’s quite a sight to see.  The rollercoaster flies past residents windows and lounge rooms.  I’d be ‘spewin’ if that was my house!

It opens tonight, so I’ll be able to fill you in tomorrow.

Anneke has already started getting into the spirit.  Today at Peuterspeelzaal, Anneke made a Koning muts (crown) and played all sorts of games.

I’ve got our decorations ready to go and of course, something special for Dave to wear (the picture isn’t clear, there’s orange leis in there for him)

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