Too big for her bed!

We tried really hard to minimise the impact of all this change for Anneke.

It got a bit heartbreaking at times.  There were days when we thought we were having fun and Anneke would turn around and say “I want to go home” (and by home, she didn’t mean the hotel/holiday house/apartment).  

So, whilst she was probably ready for a big bed, we also knew how much she loves the cot.  She sits in there and reads and listens to music and in the morning will talk to herself.  Which is how we ended up with this cot.  

However…. the cots in Holland are half the size!

Poor kid, she can barely roll over without hitting the sides.  We can hear her in the middle of the night, thump, grunt, thump and sigh.  Thankfully, she has slept through night since the day we arrived.

Added to that, we’ve shoved her in the smallest room – you can’t swing a cat.  There is method in our madness though, she does enjoy the cosy-ness (or gezellig) of the small room.

The upside is…. her rocking chair arrived in the shipment yesterday.  It is so much nicer to put her to bed reading a book in the chair rather than on the floor (my old knees aren’t what they used to be). 

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