April, 2014: Moving (The Aftermath)

We don’t have big green bins here, we have underground bins that service the entire street (see below).  You swipe your card, and dump your rubbish and once a week, a big truck comes and pulls the entire bin out and takes it away.

This is a great system.

Recycling…. Now this is a different story.

With our deliveries from IKEA and our moving boxes (72 to be exact), we have had to cut the cardboard boxes down to A4 size, bundle them (not too thick so they still fit in the bin), pop them on the bike and do about 15 trips to the local reclycling bins. 

Glass reclycling is ace.  We bring all our empty glass bottles* and pop them in the machine at the local supermarket.  There, you are presented with a voucher that you can use as credit for your next grocery shop.

(Please note, I am sure there’s a better way of doing this, we will probably find out what it is next week, after I’ve already done it all!)

*with the amount of wine and beer we are going through, our grocery bills have practically halved 🙂

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