Bicycle tales #31

Bikes rule in the Netherlands so it can always be a little chaotic in the mornings on the bike path. It can also be difficult to find a parking spot for the bike. For the most part I have a regular spot in the back of the bike rack that I use most days.

So yesterday I was running a little late, and the fact that they are doing construction work around the station made for an interesting problem of where to park? The picture below shows around 800 – 900 bikes and I have no idea how many were parked in the street. I had to carefully place my bike right up the back of this mess and hope that my bike was there and not damaged when I got back.

I had a brief moment of thinking someone had taken my bike as it wasn’t where I had left it. Someone kindly moved my bike out of their way to get out and it was neatly standing there for me to ride home.

This morning security were posted at the station to ensure everyone parked their bike correctly and the chaos of bikes everywhere was avoided.

My bike is actually right at the back. 
 Bikes as far I can see. 

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