Wednesday 2nd April, 2014 : Our Stuff Arrives #wherearewegonnaputthisstuff??

Our stuff arrived today.  We were super nervous.  I mean, we’ve lived a month without this crap – do we really need it? This place we are in at the moment, is nice enough but the living space is ridiculously small and disproportionate the rest of the house.

The massive truck backed up our tiny street and 4 blokes were there to unload it.  They opened the container, and we were relieved to see it was less than half full. 

There were a total of 60 boxes, but as we were soon to discover, most of the boxes contained more packaging than contents.

Do you think they could find the bloody screws to attach the legs to the table!

Dave painstakingly emptied the kitchen boxes (I painstakingly rearranged it all when he left)

Thankfully, the movers emptied most of the boxes and took them away.

We have left a few things still packed – we will unpack them if we find a need for it.

It was fun to see Anneke’s face as we unpacked her (very small amount of) toys.  She was stoked.   She was exhausted though, about half way through (whilst the men were using their tools to put our furniture together), she asked for her bed.  Off she went up the stairs, into her cot and there she slept for over 3 hours, all the while the men were yelling up and down the stairs outside her door. 

Dave is on a conference call tonight, and I’m watching bad reality tv on my laptop. We are a very tired little house here tonight.

Small shout-out to my family and friends.  It was awesome to receive a postbox full of letters and photos from you xxx


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