Sunday 2 March, 2014 : BOXES, BLISTERS & MEATBALLS

It’s been a busy weekend.  Boxes and boxes of IKEA furniture to be put together.  The sight of an allen key makes me ill, I have a blister on my thumb.  Most importantly, we have a couch, so we’re comfy.

We dropped off the rental car at Schipol this morning.  We thought we’d have an adventure and catch the train home. The trains weren’t running so it was an adventure on the bus.

I need a bike, but it seems Sunday trading isn’t a big thing here, even though Haarlem is quite a major city.  Another lesson to learn!

Tomorrow is my first attempt at the english speaking playgroup.  Anneke is DESPERATE to make some new friends, and of course, one or two for me wouldn’t go astray.

Shopping under the influence, takes the edge off….

We missed a dear friends wedding this weekend, that made me sad.

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