Saturday 1 March, 2014 : FINALLY, OUR OWN BED!

We’ve moved into our new house.  There’s a few hiccups. The dishwasher doesn’t work, we can’t suss out the heating, so last night we were cold and today we’ve had the windows open!  

It’s a brand new house, so new, that we had to negotiate with the landlord for them to install floorboards, light fittings and blinds.  

Anneke is happy to have a home.  She’s been sitting in her cot for over half an hour, just reading.  She keeps saying, ‘this is our new house’. She says the funniest things, after her nap today she asked if we were going to Cousin Liena’s!

It’s a nice enough house.  It was hard to make a decision.  There were very few rental houses on the market and most of them completely unsuitable (far too far from the centre).  The relocation company assumed that as we are a family, that we’d like to be in the ‘burb’s’.  So here we are, in the ‘burb’s’.  

We just had to make a decision, so we did.

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